Whether you're thinking of visiting Britain this year or like me, you're a local thinking of staying at home, Cumbria's Lake District National Park offers scenery rarely surpassed elsewhere in Europe. The region, established as a National Park in 1951, is known for its distinctive landscape of greystone farmhouses, lakes and rugged mountains known here as fells - a word derived from the time of the Vikings.

Britain's notoriously bad weather definitely does not dampen the spirits of the many thousands of tourists who visit the small island every year. Visitors from all over the world flock to the country's buzzing capital cities as well as its beautiful scenic locations throughout the year. So what are a few of the country's most well known hot spots?

For the inexperienced or novice walker there is only one recommended walk up Ben Nevis, two popular routes up Scafell Pike and six tracks up Snowdon. All these paths are well trodden, and where the way is not quite so clear (across scree or boulders) there are cairns which mark the way. Hundreds of people walk these paths each day during the late spring/summer months. So what could possibly go wrong?